Mar 25

1. If you forgot your password or want to reset the DAP-1520 back to the factory default settings, press and hold the reset button using a paper clip and release after 10 seconds.


Warning: This process will erase all your settings. 

2. You may repeat the WPS process on the other side of this QIG or log in and run the Setup Wizard. Follow the steps under Configure the DAP-1520.

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  • At 2016.03.25 08:00, emma sharp said:

    how do I use my desk top which isn’t wireless to set up my extender.

    • At 2016.03.25 08:04, emma sharp said:

      so step 2 says open the wireless utility on your wireless device or computer. select the wifi network name and enter the password but there is no wifi network because I am hardwired in

      • At 2016.07.24 08:38, Ashwani Verma said:

        When you install D-Link, you will see that in the network selection. So select D-Link wireless network, it will be shown by default name. Type http://dlinkap.local/login.htm and follow steps.

        • At 2016.08.13 07:35, Kevin Gardenhire said:

          How do I reset the password for my DAP-1320? I have misplaced the configuration card.

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