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DIR-615 and DIR-655 802.11n  wireless router look similar to the differences? Here I will describe in detail the difference between them.

1: the difference between port

DIR-615: -1 month Mbps WAN port, 4 Fast LAN port support MDI / MDI-X technology.
DIR-655: -1 Gigabit WAN port, four Gigabit LAN port support MDI / MDI-X technology.

2 Transfer rate and the amount of belt machine

DIR-615: up to 100-110M has a transmission rate, with the amount of about 20 sets machine below.
DIR-655: up to 130-140M has a transmission rate, with the amount of about 30 sets machine below.

3: DIR-655 is the world first Vista-certified through the wireless router

Through the DIR-655, users will be able to enjoy the first time, the perfect combination of Vista and network equipment brought many of the new Web experience, and to SMEs and home users of network applications and management to the limit. Vista The breakthrough lies in the establishment of a network of mains mechanism, which will be able to detect the network of certified products, so many complex network infrastructure at a glance. In the past the event of network disconnection occurs, users often need to gradually test failure point of failure, and now through the Internet Explorer network map feature, you can easily find the point of failure lies. In addition, Vista also uses a number of ways to enhance the wireless network, in which network aware feature allows an application aware of the network changes and thereby enables applications to achieve optimization.

Conclusion: Both products are soho products, with high performance, Dlink DIR-655 slightly better, not bad money for a friend who, DIR-655 is the only choice available, signal stability, and rate it faster our greatest strength.

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  • At 2012.03.06 20:10, Marcus Santos said:

    DIR-615 or DIR655 is there a whay to make one as a AP for the other (wireless connection) ?

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