Jun 12

This could be due to the following reasons:

1. Your D-Link routers uPnP feature is Disabled.

2. Your router is not getting a proper public IP address from your Internet Service Provider. *This is common if your ISP modem is actually a Modem/router combo”


3. Your phone reception is weak.


4. Your phone provider has a firewall which is blocking the mydlink (Stunt/Relay) connection.

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  • At 2018.09.05 11:52, guest said:

    i have solution, delete from APN serwer proxy and port (leave empty) – save
    its all, all working

    • At 2018.10.13 22:57, Guest 61,000 said:

      Where do it change those settings?

    • At 2019.11.01 11:09, robert said:

      updated my dlink dcs-5029l and now cannot use it outside my home network

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