Mar 16

Step 1: Log into your camera through the web interface.

Step 2: Enable Motion Detection

Step 3: Select the Setup tab.

Step 4: Select Event Setup on the left hand side.


Step 5: Click Add under SERVER.


Step 6: Enter the desired Server name in the field provided


Step 7: Select Network Storage and enter your Network storage information in the fields provided.


Step 8: Click Save Settings.

Note: Test can be used to verify a working folder path on your NAS.

Step 9: Click Add under MEDIA.


Step 10: Enter the Media Name in the field provided.


Step 11: Click the Snapshot radio button or Video Clip and configure the settings

Step 12: Click Save Settings.

Step 13: Click Add under EVENT.


Step 14: Under EVENT enter the Event Name in the field provided and check the Enable this event box.


Step 15: Now under TRIGGER click the Video motion detection radio button and check “Detect motion in” box for the motion detection windows that will monitored during this event.

Note: EVENT SCHEDULE is set to all the time by default.

Step 16: Now under ACTION check the box for the server created in Step 6 and drop-down to the Media name created in Step 10.


Step 17: Click Save Settings.

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