Mar 19

With firmware version 1.4 or later you can now use the console port and a terminal emulation program to reset the unit-¦s admin account and/or passwords.

There are two scenarios where this comes in handy:

Scenario 1: The controller comes with a default administrator account called “admin” with password “admin”. If you change this password and forget what it is, then you will need to use the console port to change it back to the default (password=admin).

Scenario 2: You may delete the admin account, but only after creating a new admin-equivalent account and password. If you forget the password for this new admin-equivalent account, then you will need to use the console port to change the xStack Storage unit back to the defaults (username=admin, password=admin).

During the boot-up process, while watching the console, there are two points where you can break into the process. It is during the second break point where you can hit any key to have a selection of options including resetting the unit to factory defaults. (You must have physical access to the xStack Storage unit itself to do this.)

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