Feb 06

Step 1: Log into the unit by entering the switch’s IP address in a web browser. The default username is admin with no password.


Step2: Choose the menu L2 Features->VLAN->Static VLAN on the left hand side.


Step 3: In the row for VID 1 click the Modify button. Switch any port that will be untagged on your new VLAN to the None radio button for that port. Click Apply when finished.


Step 4: Click the Show All Static VLAN Entries link. Click on the Add button. Enter your desired VID and VLAN Name for your new VLAN. Any port you wish to be a member should have its Egress radio button selected. Untagged members require no further modification. Tagged members must also have the Tag check box checked. Hit Apply when finished.


Step 5: Select the menu Save Services->Save Changes. Click the Save button.


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  • At 2011.05.04 06:56, GOPINATH said:


    we r planning to implemention of vlan concept so kindly give d link layer3 switch configuration one is access switch 2nd one is fast ethernet switch

    • At 2016.06.29 23:32, Izamzam said:

      How to configure 3 vlan on my D-Link DGS-3430-28TC tru WEb

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