Aug 09

Step 1: Connect a serial cable from your PC to the D-Link DWS-1008´s Console port, located on the front of the switch.

Step 2: Open HyperTerminal from the Start Menu. It can be found at All Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal.

Step 3: Name the connection. The name can be anything, for example DWS-1008.

Step 4: Select the Com Port on your PC that the console cable is currently connected to.

Step 5: Configure you Port Settings as follows:

  • Bits per Second: 9600
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits>: 1
  • Flow Control: None

Step 6: Click on OK.

Step 7: Verify that your scroll lock Light is off and then hit enter to verify you get the switch prompt. Your prompt should look like DWS-1008-9193B0>.

Step 8: At the prompt type Enable and then hit enter.

Step 9: You will be prompted for a password. There is no password by default so just hit enter.

Step 8: Now your prompt will look like DWS-1008-9193B0#.

Step 9: To view the D-Link switch´s default settings, type show switch and then hit enter at the prompt.

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