Dec 29

Step 1: Log into the switch D-Link DWS-4026 web interface (


Step 2: Click on WAN tab -> Administration-> Basic Settings -> SSID tab, click on Edit beside the SSID (ex: dlink)


Step 3: Select HTTP for “Redirect” and enter the URL you want to be redirect to under “Redirect URL” (ex: and click Submit

Step 4: Click on Tools Tab and click on Save


Step 5: Connect to the configured SSID/Wireless Network

Step 6: Open a browser and type in, you will see the page will be redirected to the first time.

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  • At 2018.09.05 03:08, Nguyen Anh Quang said:

    I would like to set up the users always are redirected to the specified website, not only the first time. How can I do it??

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