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Step 1: Login to the DES-3526 via Console. For the complete procedure on logging into the management interface via Console, Power cycle the device by pulling the power cable located on the rear panel of the device and reconnecting the power cable.

Step 2: At the boot sequence, immediately after the Please wait, loading Runtime image… process completes, press the Shift and 6 Shift+6 keys on the keyboard simultaneously. The device will now enter Reset Configuration Mode.

How to the reset the password on D-Link DES-3526?

Step 3: At the Reset Configuration command window, type the command reset password and press Enter on the keyboard. Press the Y key to proceed with the system save. Type the command restart and press Enter. Press Y to reboot the DES-3526 after saving the changes.

Note: In the Reset Configuration Mode, you may also reset the device to factory defaults by executing the command reset factory.

How to the reset the password on D-Link DES-3526?

Step 4: All administrator account passwords will be deleted. You will now be able to login to the D-Link DES-3526 without a password.

Note: If you have reset the unit to factory defaults, there is no administrator user name and password by default.

How to the reset the password on D-Link DES-3526?

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  • At 2010.12.10 16:33, Ryan Porter said:

    I recently came to acquire a D-Link DES-3526, however after trying to follow these steps I was unable to change the password. Whenever I press Shift+6 it seems to do nothing more. screen shot:(http://tinypic.com/r/23vep2a/7)

    • At 2011.02.02 01:29, Mahemud said:


      This Tricks Is Not Work

      • At 2011.02.08 23:56, Naresh said:

        Then what is the solution, for me to its not working

      • At 2011.06.16 12:32, Richard said:

        Any other suggestions? for DES-3250TG this is not working. I heard that there is a service password generator that works based on the serial number but I wasn’t able to find that.

        • At 2017.07.19 15:41, Roberto said:

          I’m trying to reset my 3250tg but i don’t know the right proceed… did you have sucess? if yes, please, tell me =)

        • At 2011.09.06 07:33, Ahmed said:

          Trying this procedure with my DES3828, cannot enter the reset configuration menu..

          Pressing SHIFT+6 seems to do nothing..

          Any help please.?.?.

          • At 2012.03.13 02:19, wajid said:

            i try it on Dlink 3028 it work perfectly

            • At 2012.06.25 17:32, ilsenorino said:

              Trying this procedure with my 3526, cannot enter the reset configuration menu

              Pressing SHIFT+6 (so entering symbol “^”) dont work.

              Help, please.

              • At 2016.11.17 09:33, Claudio said:

                obrigado cara, ajudou muito!

                • At 2016.12.08 03:10, Lordzeph said:

                  Change your cable. I had that problem too. Another reason is the port configuration, you have to check if you have it like this: 9600, 8, None, 1.

            • At 2012.05.16 19:55, Dharmesh said:

              Hi this information is really useful. I reset my switch.

              Thank you very much your help.

              • At 2012.10.05 12:14, Mh said:

                It is NOT the shift + 6 combination that is needed. It is the character ^
                It is located on shifted 6 on a US keyboard. Either locate this on your local keyboard or change to us layout and use shift + 6.

                This is very unclearly explained by D-link. Besides that, the D-link Support does not inform you about this. They want you to send in proof of purchase and the MAC address of the switch.

                Just cleared mine – finally!

                • At 2013.06.05 01:23, WiFi-Jack said:

                  I couldn’t get it to work either – but by pressing shift+3 I got into bios upgrade mode. I downloaded a newer bios and zmodem’d it onto the switch.

                  When I rebooted the shift+6 trick worked. I held them down as soon as the figure reached 100%, and remained holding the keys down until it entered reset configuration mode.
                  I hope this helps someone else. Good luck guys !

                  • At 2013.08.25 09:21, Cip said:

                    It actually worked like charm for a firmware version 4+.

                    On another switch with firmware 3 shift+6 did not work, so I try to solve it with xmodem. Hopefully I will.

                    • At 2014.01.10 20:44, wella said:

                      It works!!!

                      MacOs using Minicom, I had to setup keyboard language to US in order to use shift + 6

                      Thank you

                      • At 2014.05.19 05:25, hatem mehdi said:

                        mot de passe pour dilink 3526 perdu
                        boot 300008

                        • At 2014.05.19 05:41, hatem mehdi said:

                          mot de passe perdu pour des3526

                          • At 2014.05.19 05:46, hatem mehdi said:

                            Boot Procedure 3.00.008
                            Power On Self Test ……………………………….. 100 %

                            MAC Address : 00-1C-F0-A5-51-B2
                            H/W Version : A4G

                            Please wait, loading V5.00-B28 Runtime image ………… 5 %

                            • At 2015.02.24 02:31, aprogrammer said:

                              Look here – http://sysadm.pp.ua/internet/des-3200-basic.html
                              Just need to coonect to serial port

                              • At 2020.04.16 07:44, Marco Aurelio Andrade Barros said:

                                On some types of keyboards you must use SHIFT + ^
                                SHIFT key plus caret.
                                Press the SHIFT + ^ keys on the Power ON Self Test.
                                I kept pressing until I finished loading the image at 100% and the switch went to the reset mode.

                                • At 2020.09.16 02:08, soumen said:

                                  please help, dont work this

                                • At 2021.12.23 20:36, viz said:

                                  I have bought a DGS-3420-52P revision B1 with firmware 1.50.018, with Boot Procedure V1.00.006. Shift+6 or shift+^ does not work. Heeeeeelp. It just does nothing and goes to Starting runtime image and then Discovery … 🙁

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