Feb 23

Currently the only Web Smart D-Link Switches that support 802.1q VLANS are the following:

  • DES-1250G
  • DES-1228
  • DES-1228P
  • DES-1252
  • DES-1316
  • DES-1526
  • DES-3252P
  • DGS-1216T
  • DGS-1224T
  • DGS-1248T

Setup VLANs on D-Link Web Smart Switches,DGS-1248T As an Example:


Step 1: Open a web browser and login to the web-based configuration of the DGS-1248T.

Step 2: Click VLAN on the left.


Step 3: Click Add New VID.


Step 4: Enter the VID number. This must be a number between 2 and 4095. Select the ports that you want in the new VLAN and then click Apply.


Step 5: Select Port VID Setting using the drop-down list next to IEEE 802.10 VLAN.


Step 6: Enter the VID next to the corresponding ports and then click Apply.


Step 7: Un-check the ports you configured with the new VID from the default VLAN and then click Apply.

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