Aug 08
It uses the DWAPP (D-Link Wireless AP Protocol). It can cross a L2 or L3 network but must meet the following conditions:
1) No NAT between the wireless controller and the AP’s. However, a VPN can be used if the AP’s are across the internet
2) VLAN (L2) and routing (L3) must be configured between the controller and the AP’s
3) The following ports must be opened between the wireless controller and the AP’s (you will need to allow them in any filter or firewall between the switch and AP’s):
Between the controller and the AP’s:
  • TCP Port 57777, SSL encryption (for Firmware/Profile delivery/Heartbeat/Client session key sharing etc.)
  • UDP/Port 57775, 57776 (for Report and Statistics)
Between one controller and another controller (cluster group):
  • TCP/port 57777, SSL encryption (for Client data/AP data/RF status sharing within peer switches)
  • UDP/port 57775
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