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D-Link DWA-125 Usb Adapter Description

Connect your desktop or notebook computer to a wireless 802.11g or 802.11n network with the D-Link Wireless 150 USB Adapter (DWA-125).


D-Link® introduces the Wireless 150 USB Adapter (DWA-125), which delivers high performance wireless connectivity with better wireless reception over standard 802.11g adapters*. Upgrading your notebook or PC with the D-Link Wireless 150 USB adapter will provide an excellent solution for experiencing better wireless performance and faster connection to a high-speed wireless network.



• Compact size for placement anywhere.

• Convenience of Plug & Play installation.

• Fully 802.11g compatible.

• Draft 802.11n compliant.

• Powered by the USB port; no external power source required.

• USB 2.0 standard*.

• You can securely connect to a wireless network using WPA/WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) providing you a much higher level of security for your data and communication than has previously been available. You may also use 802.1x for wireless authentication.

• Position the D-Link DWA-125 almost anywhere in your workspace to achieve the best reception possible.

• Supports Infrastructure networks via an access point

• User-friendly configuration and diagnostic utilities.

D-Link DWA-125 Usb Adapter Reviews

1.Hardware is easy to install. It is much simpler than opening the CPU to install a wireless card. Network setup is very easy (I have a mixed network of Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7, and a D-Link N router). ———-by Keydet

2.I’ve had my Dlink USB N adapter for about 1.5 years with two different desktops located respectively about 40 feet and 60 feet from my Dlink N wireless router. I’ve compared the signal strength on my desktops with Wi-Fi cards in several laptops, and this external USB adapter has the same connectivity. Initially I plugged the adapter directly into the USB port, but it seems to heavy and large (it can cover access to a neighboring USB port, and after accidentally knocking it roughly out twice, I decided to use the dock. Good move! Not only is it safe and frees up access to the neighboring USB port, but I can place the dock about 2 feet higher than the tower on the floor and get slight better network/Internet connection. ——–by Samuel S. Lewis

3.First, I will say that it is very easy to install. Insert disc and follow the simple directions. Let me say that my Verizon router is downstairs on one side of the house and my d-link adapter is on my desktop (w/vista) upstairs on the other side of house so there are interfering walls and a floor. During the installation, it showed a 61% signal strength (3 out of 4 bars on d-link connection manager) which I thought it would cause a slowdown problem. Nope! Not at all. It is no problem at all as my computer feels as if it was connected with a wire. Web pages come on very quickly and I stream videos/movies with no buffer. It stays around 50-60% signal strength (3 out of 4 bars) and that is good enough for me. Wow! I am very pleased with this adapter’s performance. ———- by BAH

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