Mar 10

DWA-130_rev A1: Hardware revision A1 was the original DWA-130. This revision was not implement with WPS functionality until driver version 1.30 in Windows systems. You may check for the latest here. There is no physical button to engage the WPS connectivity but rather it´s performed through the Utility software.

DWA-130_rev B1: Hardware revision B1 has supported WPS functionality through software just as rev A1. Please check for the latest driver here for Windows and Mac systems.

DWA-130_rev C1: Hardware revision C1 supports WPS functionality same as A1 and B1. Find the latest driver here for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

DWA-130_rev D1: Hardware revision D1 is the last WPS functionality through software only, same as A1, B1, and C1. Find the latest driver here for Windows systems.

DWA-130_rev C2: Hardware revision C2 is the first DWA-130 with hardware change, by implementation of a WPS push button. The Utility application can still perform the WPS connection. Use of the physical button may be simpler to perform. First press the WPS button on the adapter, then press the WPS button on your access point or wireless router within 2 minutes to establish connectivity.

DWA-130_rev E1: Hardware revision E1 has WPS push button functionality same as C2. Find the latest drivers here for Windows systems.

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