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Connecting to the AP Web Interface by Using the IPv6 Address

To connect to the AP by using the IPv6 global address or IPv6 link local address, you must enter the AP address into
your browser in a special format.

Note: The following instructions and examples work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and might not work with other browsers.

To connect to an IPv6 global address, add square brackets around the IPv6 address. For example, if the AP global IPv6 address is 2520::230:abff:fe00:2420, type the following address into the IE7 address field: http://[2520::230:abff:fe00:2420].

To connect to the iPv6 link local address, replace the colons (:) with hyphens (-), add the interface number preceded with an “s,” then add “.ipv6-literal.net.” For example, if the AP link local address is fe80::230:abff:fe00:2420, and the Windows interface is defined as “%6,” type the following address into the IE7 address field: http://fe80–230-abff-fe00-2420s6.ipv6-literal.net.

How to using the CLI to View the IP Address On D-Link DWL-2600AP Access Point

The DHCP client on the UAP is enabled by default. If you connect the UAP to a network with a DHCP server, the AP automatically acquires an IP address. To manage the UAP by using the Administrator UI, you must enter the IP address of the access point into a Web browser.

If a DHCP server on your network assigns an IP address to the UAP, and you do not know the IP address, use the following steps to view the IP address of the UAP:

1.) Using a null-modem cable, connect a VT100/ANSI terminal or a workstation to the console (serial) port.
If you attached a PC, Apple, or UNIX workstation, start a terminal-emulation program, such as HyperTerminal or

2.) Configure the terminal-emulation program to use the following settings:
•) Baud rate: 115200 bps
•) Data bits: 8
•) Parity: none
•) Stop bit: 1
•) Flow control: none


3.) Press the return key, and a login prompt should appear.The login name is admin. The default password is admin. After a successful login, the screen shows the(Access Point Name)# prompt.

4.) At the login prompt, enter get management.Information similar to the following prints to the screen.

Configuring the Ethernet Settings On D-Link DWL-2600AP

The default Ethernet settings, which include DHCP and VLAN information, might not work for all networks.By default, the DHCP client on the UAP automatically broadcasts requests for network information. If you want to use a static IP address, you must disable the DHCP client and manually configure the IP address and other network information.

The management VLAN is VLAN 1 by default. This VLAN is also the default untagged VLAN. If you already have a management VLAN configured on your network with a different VLAN ID, you must change the VLAN ID of the management VLAN on the access point.

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