Aug 17

I’m posting this in case it helps others with a similar problem getting Apple TV working with DLink routers.
Thanks go to Jeffrey Fose’s original post relating to AirPlay – Enabling AirPlay on a DLINK DIR-655 router



Brand new AppleTV3,2 (model A1469) fails to set the date and time after entering the settings for the wireless network. The ADSL2+ modem/router is a D-Link DSL-2890AL.


1.Patch the router with the latest firmware.

At the time of writing this was 1.02.06, available from EV_A&filetype=Firmware

2.Enable IPv4 Multicast Streams. After the router has rebooted, click on ADVANCED and then choose ADVANCED NETWORK. Scroll down and turn on ‘Enable IPv4 Multicast Streams’.

Do NOT turn on ‘Enable IPv6 Multicast Streams’!

Click Save Settings.

3.Check Firewall settings. Still in ADVANCED, click on FIREWALL SETTINGS. You should see that ‘Enable SPI’ and ‘Enable NAT’ are both turned on. If not, turn them on and click Save Settings.

4.Add Port Triggers. Click PORT TRIGGERING. Add four port triggers:

Name: ‘Apple TV 123’, Trigger: 123, Firewall: 123;
Name: ‘Apple TV 3689’, Trigger: 3689, Firewall: 3689;
Name: ‘Apple TV 7000’, Trigger: 7000, Firewall: 7000;
Name: ‘Apple TV 7100’, Trigger: 7100, Firewall: 7100.

5.Click Save Settings.

At this point the Apple TV should connect and get past the never ending wait to set date and time. If not, try rebooting the router one more time.

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