Jan 28

To hard reset the device, locate the WPS/Reset button on the side of the device.  With the device plugged in and fully on (30-35 seconds after smart plug is connected into the wall outlet), press and hold the WPS/reset button until the status LED turns red (about 10 seconds) and then release it.  Your D-Link DSP-W215 smart plug will reset back to factory setting.  You can begin the setup process once again.


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  • At 2019.07.02 16:28, Andrew porter said:

    I bought several D-Link DSP-W215-A1 plugs. I have then commented to my router (the green light is solid.) but it says device not found on the Mydlink home app.
    I have tried several times to connect it, by resetting it but it’s always the same thing.

    • At 2019.07.02 16:40, Andrew porter said:

      Sorry, i have them connected to my router.

      • At 2020.10.02 18:10, Mike said:

        Is there a solution for this? I am experiencing the same. using a switch that worked fine, and now using a new router. restarted both the switch (including factory rest) multiple times. Other items such as DCH-S150 connected fine (I have a few of those). no budge with this. In the past it seemed that if I am closer to the router or close/far to the device it makes a difference, but I can’t make out the exact behavior. any tips will help.

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