Jul 21

1.Select one of the following methods to download the mydlink™ Home app:

• Search for mydlink home at the iOS App Store or Google Play
• Scan the QR code
• Go to http://dlink.com/mydlinkhomeapp


2.Launch the app and follow the instructions to connect and configure your water sensor.

Continue to step 3 on the back of this card.

3.Below is the product information QR code which will be used with the mydlink Home app during setup. The device’s default SSID,PIN code, and serial number are also printed below.

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  • At 2019.11.03 13:05, Phil French said:

    DCH-S160 At final devise set up I get an error message at device nickname saying there was a problem adding this device to my account. Ive done the reset, closed the app, etc and nothing. Devise Is on and working

    • At 2020.09.05 09:17, Kevin J said:

      So I am setting up a DCH-S160 that I moved from my old house to my new house. Downloaded the MyDlink app and tried adding the sensor. there is no DCH-S160 listed on the app. It started at DCH-S161. So can I assume that Dlink no longer supports this product?

      • At 2021.01.13 00:26, Donald Newlands said:

        I’m having the same problem. The DCH-S160 is not listed in the new app and we do not have the configuration card with the QR code. The QR code on the back of the device was too small for the app to recognize with my phone camera, so I printed it out and I got an unsupported device error. I hope that DLink will add support to the app.

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