Feb 02

1.What D-Link devices support WDS?

the following D-Link access points support WDS (Wireless Distribution System):

  • DWL-900AP+
  • DWL-1000AP+
  • DWL-2100AP
  • DWL-2200AP
  • DWL-2210AP
  • DWL-2700AP
  • DWL-3200AP
  • DWL-7100AP
  • DWL-7200AP
  • DWL-7700AP
  • DWL-8200AP
  • DGL-4300

    2.What Access Points can bridge with each other?

    The DWL-2100AP, DWL-2200AP, DWL-2700AP, DWL-3200AP, DWL-7100AP, DWL-7200AP and DWL-7700AP can bridge with itself or with each other in PTP or PTMP mode. The Access Points have to use the following:

      Access Points           Firmware



     DWL-2100AP            2.00



     DWL-2200AP             1.00



     DWL-2700AP            1.02



     DWL-3200AP             2.00



     DWL-7100AP             2.00



     DWL-7700AP             1.00



     DWL-8200AP             1.00

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