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D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router,It’s like two routers in one. This Xtreme N® router operates on dual band Wi-Fi signals, making it easy to stream HD content while browsing the Internet without bogging down your network.



The D-Link® Xtreme N™ Dual Band Gigabit Router (DIR-825) uses dual band technology to support 2.4GHz & 5GHz wireless signals at the same time. This allows you to check e-mail and browse the Internet using the 2.4GHz band while simultaneously streaming High-Definition (HD) movies and other media on the 5GHz band. The DIR-825 is designed for users looking to get a true HD wireless connection that can handle multiple HD video streams throughout the house, while being backward compatible with existing 802.11g and 802.11a products.


D-Link has created SharePort™ technology to bring more flexibility to your network. With SharePort technology, you can connect a USB printer and share it throughout your network. You can also share a USB storage device, providing network storage for everyone to share*.


  • Automatically powers down ports that have no link
  • Budgets power output for different Ethernet cable lengths
  • Includes wireless LAN scheduling, which can shut down your wireless network when not in use for further power savings
  • Reduces energy consumption by using an Energy Star® qualified power adapter


  • Complies with the European Union’s RoHS directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials
  • Uses recyclable packaging to help reduce waste that goes into the environment

Firmware: 1.13NA

Date: 1/28/2010

Revision Info: ¤ Fixed: Correct HNAP issue.

¤ Fixed: DNS relay issue ( WAN Slowdown )

¤ Added: Advanced DNS descriptions

Download site:

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  • At 2011.03.10 16:27, arun said:

    can i setup vpn connection between my office ( india & usa two different country) to using
    this D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router

    • At 2011.05.26 06:37, pushkar said:

      i have bought DIR 825. but unfortunately i lost the installation CD. Please help as the hardware is of no use it i get the CD. how can i get the cd.

      • At 2015.01.27 17:49, Andy said:

        I also have lost the CD. Is there a way of downloading the software for setup?

        • At 2017.08.13 16:08, John Stettler said:

          Reset it, but now guess a pw for ‘admin’. Help!

        • […] will showcase its wide array of IPv6-compatible products in booth #2136, including the DIR-655 and DIR-825 routers, DHP-W306AV PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender, DHP-1320 A1 Wireless N PowerLine Router, […]

          • At 2013.08.02 22:07, Roy Powell said:

            I have a Dir-825 router and recently purchased a panasonic DMR-PWT635GL blue ray recorder I have set up the DIGA remote recording and play back app. The remote recording app connects to the recorder and works well however the Watch broadcast and playback feature does not connect to the recorder. The panasonic FAQ recommends switching of the anti snooping feature. I have Toggled the IPv4 and 6 switch which have not worked. Do you have any set up recommendations to get this working?

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