Jul 22

Find D-Link’s hardware version number and other information,is actually very simple.

The serial number(SN), hardware version/revision information, MAC address and model number, will be located on a label on both the outer box, and on the adapter itself, usually attached to the bottom of the unit.You can depending on the HW ver corresponding to the firmware upgrade.

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    • At 2012.01.14 21:45, kumar said:

      D-Link DI 524 802.11g

    • At 2012.01.14 21:44, kumar said:

      where can I download Driver for D-Link Wireless Router DI-524,802.11g

      • At 2013.02.18 04:07, Manish said:

        How to Reset my Router Password, as the Password i had setup is out of my knwoledge

        • At 2019.02.16 12:49, Caio Zink said:

          Ref my DI-524 H/W Ver I1 F/W Ver 9.01 S/N QIO72B8061410.

          Do I have the latest firmware ?

          • At 2019.08.01 12:30, Francisco Antunes Neto said:

            FW DI-524
            PN II524LIL…..G1G
            S/N: DY2E292005518
            FW Ver.: 3,00

            Preciso do FW atual,!
            Onde poço conseguir?
            No aguardo, agradeço

            • At 2022.03.07 08:39, Dlink DWR-930M said:


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