Oct 18

The D-Link DIR-645 Home Router DIR-645 Firmware Release Note

Firmware: v1.01
Hardware: A1

Problems Resolved:

1. Fix wrong WAN port position picture in wizard setup.
2. Fix syslog function
3. DCS-5220 IPCAM WPA/WPA2 IOT issue.


1. IPv6 NTP server default is support.
2. Ipv6 NTP feature
3. Add QoS uplink/downlink list for user choice.

Uplink Speed :128K/256K/384K/512K/1M/2M/3M/5M/10M/20M
Downlink Speed : 1M//2M/3M/8M/10M/12M/16M/40M/50M/100M

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  • At 2011.11.24 05:32, Zunder L said:

    How to configure the router address to It always says invalid IP address when I try to set this in DIR-645

    • At 2011.12.04 10:47, nisar said:

      think you

      • At 2011.12.17 19:10, Frank said:

        You know that, your fuk…web is so bad, that is better delete

        • At 2012.03.20 00:54, Kevin said:

          The power went out one day and the dlink Dir-645 still sends wireless but doesn’t transmit the internet signal from the modum. Any suggestions.

          • At 2012.03.25 18:26, Rene Barsalo said:

            Bought and installed the router a month ago. The router works well with all my computers, smartphones and tablet… the only product it does not work with is the Boxee Box! I have the latest firmware installed in the the router and the Boxee box. Another Dlink product… The Boxee box sees the network, can connect to it but is not capable of establishing an Internet connection… Seems there are others DIR 645 with that problem on the Boxee Forum and the answers from Boxee is … buy another router from a competitor.

            I can’t accept such an answer. I would expect all DLINK products to be compatible and now I am stuck in between two DLINK divisions… PLEASE get me the good answer on how I should configure the “whole Home Router 1000” which is in fact DIR-645 to be compatile with the Boxee Box?

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