Aug 11

The Zipit Wireless Messenger is a small clamshell device originally produced by Aeronix, which is now under the spin-off Zipit Wireless, Inc., that enables Instant Messaging (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger).

ZipIt is a Macintosh program that compresses and uncompresses files in the “zip format”. The zip format is popular on the IBM and on other platforms, such as Unix. You can tell if a file is in zip format simply by examining its name: if it ends in ‘.zip’, it is a zip file. (Note that if it ends in ‘.Z’ or ‘.gz’, it is NOT a zip file. The former belongs to a program called Compress, and the latter to a program called GZip.)

The zip format is most useful when compressing files destined for another computer platform, such as the IBM, or for uncompressing zip files received from other platforms. ZipIt can create zip archives intended solely for the Macintosh, but the zip format is not a standard compression format on the Mac.

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