Jun 12

Firefox 52 has removed all support for Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI). Plugins such as the D-Link mydlink plugin, Silverlight, Java, and Acrobat are no longer supported. mydlink portal uses mydlink plugin to access mydlink devices, and since mydlink plugin no longer works on Firefox 52, Firefox users are stuck at the plugin download page. Please note that customers using Firefox 51 are not affected. Internet Explorer and Safari still support these plugins.

Firefox users may download and install Firefox 52 ESR (Extended Support Release) which still support mydlink plugin.


Learn more about Firefox ESR here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/


The Firefox 52 and Firefox ESR browsers can co-exist on the same computer. We suggest keeping both browser versions on your computer.

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  • At 2019.01.09 02:28, rohk said:

    Firefox 52 is 1 year and a half old, it is a real pain to have to keep an old brower without updates (in terms of security), you must have plans port your plugin to modern APIs, right?

    • At 2020.06.23 12:38, Mike Matchett said:

      Ok, its 2020! Anybody at dlink actually working on something that works here? Plugins have been gone for years now. I’ve got a houseful of dlink powerline, cameras, NVR but seriously thinking I have to scrap it all and start over with a different vendor.

      • At 2020.06.29 05:30, Ramon Barrachina said:

        I have the same problem and think the same way. What a pity!.
        D-Link product were not bad.

        • At 2020.09.03 08:49, Smile said:

          Hallo, it is now Sept 2020 and still no solution available from Dlink to view their cameras on the mydlink-Portal. Even the Firefox 52ESR version is not supporting the Uplayer Plugin anymore (message: plugin installation failed).

          So there is no possibility to view ANY camera from the PC (either MAC or WIN) for now.

          This is not adding any credit or trust for DLink as a company or their camera-products. I suggest, that NOBODY should buy such rubbish. Go for NETATMO devices instead.

        • At 2021.03.07 10:57, Komako said:

          Checking in March 2021, still no fix? Remarkable.
          Never D-Link again.

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