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I have a D-Link DP-300U print server. t has 2 LPT ports and 1 USB. I am using 1 LPT and the USB. Windows 7 finds the Print server in Network under Other Devices and even shows it with a name as a computer. Double click on that open it up and allows me to see the 3 ports on the server. If I try to connect at that point the OS tells me that it cannot connect. I have gone the route of setting my printers up as IP ports and used a generic Network Print Server listed there but as soon as I reset my router, the print server goes to another IP addr and I lose my printers. I also tried to statically set the IP address of the server but I cna’t getthat to work either as the router just assigns an IP and pays no attention to what the server may want to do.

Q:Windows 7 finds the server under devices no matter what and finds it under computers. SO why can’t it automatically connect ot my printers??

A:I could not get a static IP assigned to the Print Server (PS). I think the router assigns them regardless of what the PS configuration says. But other strange things happen too.

I could ping the static IP address that I assigned in PS config AND got response, but the router did not show it as assigned, nor was it a valid address to access the PS config screens as they are HTML.

In order for the router to show IP addresses on its DHCP clients screen I have to renew the IP addresses on each machine. Odd, but no show stopper.

Problem occurs when the router has to be reset.

Since the only way that Windows 7 allow me to access the printers is via a TCP/IP port, as opposed to PS name as XP lets me on the other two machines, I have instituted a network restart policy incorporating a hardware start-up sequence. (See, I kin still Corp-speak) This will be easy to maintain as I am the only one doing it.

When the router has to be reset:
1. Turn off all machines and unplug the PS.
2. Reset router.
3. Plug in PS.
4. Start machines in any order after that.

This ensure that the PS gets every time. (a static IP)


I have D link DP-300U print server connected via cable to my Network, it has a Epson LQ850(parrelle port) and a HP Laser Jet 1200(USB) printers connected. All my others PCs (OS Win XP SP3) print to these printers without problem expect the 1 with Windows 7 Basic as the OS. I can’t get the printers to connect to the PC, even though the Print Server is detected in the devices. I can see the Print Server settings thru Web browser, but cannot print. The DP 300U is assigned a manual IP address, all PCs use automatic IPs.

Q:Where could i have gone wrong? Please help.

A:On the wonky pc, Look at the PORT assignment under Printer Properties and see if it matches what you think it should be.

Also, when I added my little print server (not the one you have, but probably similiar in function), the port configuration got set to RAW and my gizmo needed an LPR data-stream for it to see the printer properly, so I had to change the setting from RAW to LPR and then give it some Que name, which I used iP4500…and it began to connect immediately.

have checked under the port property, the TCP IP is the same as the printer server, also have changed the settings to LPR and assigned a queue name. The test print works fine, but when pc is restarted, the printer goes OFFLINE and cannot respond. Thanks.


Windows 7 can’t print color:I put a new hard drive and brand new Windows 7 in an old PC and it won’t print in color to our network Xerox Phaser 7750 GX printers, including the Windows test page.

The printers are fine and everyone else can print no problem. I’ve uninstalled, used different printer drivers (the automatically selected & the same as a working PC), tried printer sharing – no joy. The test page print out says color supported: no yet on the PC it says color support is on.Any ideas?

With Xerox network printers (I’m not sure if yours has an ethernet port, but I’m assuming it does since you indicated that multiple users have access to it) there is a Printer Preference burried somewhere that allows you to obtain information from the printer on its features. If you can find this option, you can select “update now” (or some such similar option) and it will communicate with the printer to find out which features are available, then re-configure your driver to be consistent with this. This should enable colour printing for you.

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