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D-Link DAP-1320 Wi-Fi Range Extender Introduction

The Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) enables you to extend your existing wireless network coverage by placing the Wireless Range Extender in between your router and the wireless client devices. This is great for extending wireless coverage to basements, home offices or bedrooms that might be distant from your wireless router. The DAP-1320 increases the range of your wireless network by extending the wireless coverage of an existing wireless network.



D-Link DAP-1320 Wi-Fi Range Extender Introduction

Note: Place the D-Link DAP-1320 within equal distance of your existing network/router and wireless clients.

D-Link DAP-1320 Features

• Faster Wireless Networking – The DAP-1320 provides up to 300Mbps* wireless connection with other 802.11n wireless clients. This capability allows users to participate in real-time activities online, such as video streaming, online gaming, and real-time audio.

• Extend Internet access for wireless devices – Allows you to extend your internet access throughout your home with devices such as laptops, Smartphones, tablets and more.

• IEEE 802.11n and 802.11g Compliant – The DAP-1320 is still fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11g standards, so it can connect with existing 802.11g USB and Cardbus adapters.


The D-Link DAP-1320 looks like a power adapter—it’s only 2.11 by 1.65 by 1.89 inches (HWD) with two prongs, and it plugs directly into an electrical outlet. This simple yet powerful piece of wireless technology has just a single WPS button on its side and one LED to show you connection status.

The extender is single-band only, so it won’t extend 5GHz Wi-Fi, which is perfectly okay, because it’s the 2.4GHz band that can travel longer distance.

Included in the package are a quick install guide and a card that has the extender’s default SSID and password as well as the URL to the web-based GUI printed on it.

D-Link DAP-1320 Wi-Fi Range Extender User Reviews

Excellent signal coverage. Easy setup. Small size for easy placement.

May require setup near router. Wi-Fi network changes may require a reset.

D-Link has a new wireless range extender that not only is one of the smallest you’ll find on the market, but is incredibly easy to set up and provides terrific coverage.

The D-Link DAP-1320 is one of the best wireless networking devices I’ve tested from D-Link, and among all of the extenders I’ve tested, it provided the best coverage. I was also impressed with how well it worked with another vendor’s equipment. I’m confident that this little device, which did an impressive job of extending my test Wi-Fi network deployed in a high-rise office building with hundreds of access points all around, will work extremely well for the average home user. D-Link Wireless Range Extender gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and is PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for wireless range extenders.

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