Nov 19

1.Plug the DAP-1320 into a wall outlet and verify if the power LED has turned from red to a blinking amber.D-Link-DAP-1320-Wi-Fi-Range-Extender-Web-Browser-Setup1

2.From your laptop or mobile device go to your Wireless Utility to display the available wireless networks and select the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) that is located on your configuration note (ex: dlink-a8fa). Then, enter the Wi-Fi password which is also located on your configuration note. (ex: akbdj19368).


3.Open a web browser and type http://dlinkap.local (Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad). Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.


4.Select the configuration method and click Next.For Manual configuration, select the Wi-Fi network you would like the D-Link DAP-1320 to connect to wirelessly.


5.Enter the Wi-Fi Password for the router you are using to connect and click Next.Once the second screen appears, you can choose to change the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and the Wi-Fi Password for the DAP-1320. Click Next to continue and finish the setup process.


6.From your laptop or mobile device go to your wireless utility to display the available wireless networks. Then, search for the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) for the DAP-1320 that you created in Step 5 and connect to the network.


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  • At 2015.07.13 08:02, João Barroso said:

    The steps you design are not correct to install “Wireless Range Extender N300 DAP-1320
    Chame on you….

    • At 2015.08.06 00:59, Shannon Holmes said:

      This is bullshit i have a dlink router and the extender which is dlink will not connect I want to take both back. Dlink should work better need to try another brand

      • At 2015.08.11 07:25, wayne preston said:

        I also have purchased a dlink router and extender and have had continual trouble with them. Following instructions from both the literature supplied with the product and off the website have done no good at all. I have spent so much time on the phone to tech support, I am so over it. If i get a power disruption it won’t reconnect and the whole re configuration process starts again. I will package both and send them back to dlink. WOULDN’T RECOMMEND DLINK TO ANYONE.

        • At 2015.12.16 12:58, Peter jones said:

          All I would like to say is , What you just said.
          I tried and tried this crap is not worth any ones time!

        • At 2016.02.06 22:14, bmacfarlane said:

          i am not a computer wiz and i have spent some time trying to initiate my extender. it is going back and i will purchase a different router

          • At 2016.07.13 22:34, bob said:

            bought the range extender and have not been as dissapointed with a dlink product as this. I too spent way too much time trying to get the unit to hook up with my router I would not recommend this unit

            • At 2016.11.03 01:04, Ian said:

              Your product stinks. Waist of time

              • At 2016.12.21 12:23, jay garcia said:

                I am having the same issues waste of money and time

                • At 2017.07.14 08:58, Alex said:

                  Very good

                  • At 2017.08.07 10:51, NAGARAJ BANAJI said:

                    how to reset wireless extender DAP-1320

                    • At 2018.01.29 21:14, carol noonan said:

                      this is ridiculously hard , I bought this product as it was easy to install, what a joke, even the help team were very hard to understand, I feel they were so frustrated with me, a waste of my money and time

                      • At 2018.02.16 18:26, Jorge said:

                        Working great !!! … but the instructions to instal it are very confusing !
                        Webpage not easy to reach …
                        People , its =
                        then then , follow steps , chose dlink-0567 and type pasword , chose in your network assistant advanced
                        chose dlink-05657
                        conect !
                        Enjoy !

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