Nov 24

Click Launch Wireless Setup Wizard to begin the Setup Wizard.


Click Next to start the Setup Wizard.


Select WPS as the configuration method only if your wireless device supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).


Click Next to continue.


Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless router or access point until the light starts blinking green and then release. Please allow up to two minutes for the WPS process to finish.


Select Manual as the configuration method to set up your network manually.


Click Next to continue.


A list of wireless networks in your area will be listed. Select your wireless network (associated with your wireless router or access point) and click Connect to continue.


Enter the Wi-Fi Password for the router you are using to connect and click Next.


You can choose to change the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and the password for the DAP-1320 or you can enter the information
found in your configuration card. Click Next to continue to finish the setup process.


Note: Click the check box to use the same Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and the Password for DAP-1320 as your existing network. The setup is now complete. Please click Save to finish.

Please wait while the system reboots.

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  • At 2014.07.29 12:05, Vincent said:

    How do I get to the wizard.

    • At 2015.03.16 20:50, ruben tejera said:

      i need propmtly the wizzard setup for install the dap-1320

    • At 2015.03.16 20:49, ruben tejera said:

      how do i can get the wizzard setup

      • At 2015.09.30 07:35, Ji kook said:

        I cannot install the 1320

      • At 2015.08.23 16:03, jason said:

        how do i get to the manual configuration part

        • At 2015.10.08 11:41, LOU said:

          http://dlinkap.local does not connect

          • At 2015.10.30 02:19, Steve Smith said:

            I have just purchased Wi-Fi range extender DAP-1360 in Knysna ,South Africa.
            How can I get setup. When I try to connect to the wizard on http://dinkap.local I just get blog on DAP-1320 without any access?
            Please explain the process I need.

            • At 2015.11.24 19:08, gord said:

              I have had the dap-1320 for 3 weeks now, it connects to my Wi-Fi but will not connect to internet. followed the set up wizard and got solid green light, then when I moved to another location wouldn’t work at all. nothing in the way and only about 20 ft away. very frustrated.

              • At 2016.03.15 21:23, Franklin Rawley said:

                I am having the same problems that these folks are having. I try to get to the wizard for the DAP!320 and all I get are instructions. HOW do I get to the REAL THING?????????????????????

                • At 2016.04.21 22:43, Tony Gil PhD said:

                  It seems that we all are having the same problem. The blog has no working links, and the instructions given only applies to everything except windows 10. I have tried to get support for this problem, with absolutely no luck.
                  I am coming to the conclusion that the DAP 1320 is a lemon, unless someone can change my mind. I have dlink security cameras with no problems, so there is something definitely wrong with the piece of hardware.

                  • At 2016.04.30 23:34, sense said:

                    you have to use the dlink app on your smart phone to hook up the dap 1320

                    • At 2016.09.17 15:49, Dick Lavine said:

                      Useless. I can’t figure out setup at all. My google fiber router does not have wps. The alleged “setup wizard” is a dead page I can’t find whatever dlink app on my smart phone that the last comment said would help.

                      • At 2017.01.27 05:37, Carraci said:
                        • At 2017.01.27 05:47, Carraci said:

                          A solution that worked for me was connecting to your devices wifi when it’s flashing. The open your browser and go to http://dlinkap.local. After putting your password you can access a very simple wizard.

                          • At 2017.03.23 10:50, dave darby said:

                            absolutely useless will be returning to the shop tomorrow

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