Nov 18

D-Link DAP-1320 Wi-Fi Range Extender WPS Setup(Easy Push Button Setup)

1. Plug the DAP-1320 into a wall outlet and verify if the power LED has turned from red to a blinking amber.

D-Link DAP-1320-WPS-Setup1

2. Press the WPS button on your AP/Router.

Note: Usually the WPS LED will blink once it is pressed. Check your router’s manual for more information.

D-Link DAP-1320-WPS-Setup2

3.Press and hold the WPS button until the light starts blinking green and then release. Please allow up to two minutes for the WPS process to finish. Once the connection is successful the LED will be solid green.

D-Link DAP-1320-WPS-Setup3

4. Your AP/Router and DAP-1320 will be connected when the LED light turns solid green.

Note: If connection fails, try moving your DAP-1320 closer to your wireless router/access point and repeat steps 2 and 3.

D-Link DAP-1320-WPS-Setup4

5. To connect wireless clients to the DAP-1320, use the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and Wi-Fi Password information located on your configuration note.

D-Link DAP-1320-WPS-Setup5

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