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1.What can I do if I forget my password when using D-Link DCS-930L?

If you forget your password, you will need to perform a hard reset of your camera. This process will change all your settings back to the factory defaults.

To reset your DCS-930L camera, please use an unfolded paperclip to press and hold the RESET button for at least 3 seconds while your camera is plugged in.

2.In addition to using mydlink.com, is there another way to access the D-Link DCS-930L camera remotely over the Internet?

Yes, you can access your D-Link DCS-930L camera over the Internet through the following URL after successfully installing your camera through the Camera Installation.

http://[mydlink No.].mydlink.com

For example, if your camera’s mydlink No. was 12345678, you would be able to access your camera remotely by opening your web browser and going to http://12345678.mydlink.com

This URL will open a webpage where you will be asked to log in by entering your camera’s password. After entering your password, your camera’s Live View window will open, and you will be able to configure your camera as well.

3.Why does the LED not light up?

The power supply might be faulty. Confirm that you are using the provided DC 5V power supply for this network camera. Verify that the power supply is correctly connected. If the camera is functioning normally, the LED may have been disabled. See page 36 for information about how to enable the LED.

4.Why is the DCS-930L camera’s network connection unreliable?

There might be a problem with the network cable. To confirm that the cables are working, PING the address of a known device on the network. If the cabling is OK and your network is reachable, you should receive a reply similar to the following (…bytes = 32 time = 2 ms).

Another possible problem may be that the network device such as a hub or switch utilized by the Network Camera is not functioning properly. Please confirm the power for the devices are well connected and functioning properly.

5.Why does the Network Camera DCS-930L work locally but not remotely?

This might be caused by the firewall protection. Check the Internet firewall with your system administrator. The firewall may need to have some settings changed in order for the Network Camera to be accessible outside your local LAN. For more information, please refer to the section about installing your camera behind a router.

Make sure that the Network Camera isn’t conflicting with any Web server you may have running on your network.
The default router setting might be a possible reason. Check that the configuration of the router settings allow the Network Camera to be accessed outside your local LAN.

6.Why does a series of broad vertical white lines appear through out the image?

It could be that the CMOS sensor (a square panel situated behind the lens that measures the light signals and changes it into a digital format so your computer can present it into an image that you are familiar with) has become overloaded when it has been exposed to bright lights such as direct exposure to sunlight or halogen lights. Reposition the Network Camera into a more shaded area immediately as prolonged exposure to bright lights will damage the CMOS sensor.

7.The camera is producing noisy images. How can I solve the problem?

The video images might be noisy if the Network Camera is used in a very low light environment.

8.The images are poor quality, how can I improve the image quality?

Make sure that your computer’s display properties are set to at least 6-bit color. Using 16 or 256 colors on your computer will produce dithering artifacts in the image, making the image look as if it is of poor quality.

The configuration on the D-Link DCS-930L Network Camera image display is incorrect. The Web Configuration Video section of the Web management allows you to adjust the related-parameters for improved images such as: brightness, contrast, hue and light frequency. Please refer to the Web Configuration section for detailed information.

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  • At 2011.10.15 02:55, Gabe said:

    get the new one

    • At 2012.07.20 03:54, namron said:

      I have a dual boot laptop (Windows 7 and XP.) DCS-930L works with Windows 7, but not with XP. Can any one help. Thanks.

      • At 2012.07.20 10:28, namron said:

        Hi. It’s ok now. I fixed it. I installed the latest firmware, v1.05, and voila!

      • At 2012.11.18 04:13, Boa said:

        About answer No1…
        The default password is never expressed…
        I can´t find it in the manual…
        Why is it so hard to write it out!!!
        Of course I have reset my camera but that is no help when the default password never is expressed and it´s not “admin” or “nothing”
        This was no help at all 🙁

        • At 2013.04.22 10:44, JP said:

          I purchased two 930L cameras. I tried to get them to hook up via Wireless to the router, NO GO. Tried many times and they would never link. The router is a Netgear. So then I hard Wired one of the cameras to the router, went through the set up. but Now when I try to link to the camera, I get multiple time outs, or error messages,,, after many attempts each time it finally will link but it takes a long time.
          Is it the camera, should I upgrade ?

          • At 2013.06.06 21:39, Scott Fry said:

            When using my dlink setup wizard I am unable to enter a new secure password. no matter what I put in there I get an error “There was a problem saving your settings” No matter whet I do. I have even reset the camera. the light is green and the wizard finds the camera but wont take any password.

            • At 2013.08.11 04:03, Vatsal Patel said:

              Even I am facing the same problem.
              The camera isn’t accepting a new password even after hard reset.
              Now I wish to bang the product because the Dlink support are not responding to my query.
              It is the worst company I had ever seen.
              I seriously recommend not to buy their products because they are not providing customer support.

              • At 2013.10.01 13:39, Jose said:

                I have the same problem.

                The way I fixed was using the latest setup wizard and having the Activex and java enabled or ready to use.


              • At 2013.08.30 20:56, rich said:

                Has anyone worked out how to get past the “There was a problem saving your settings” when working through the set up wizzard. I too can not get past it and Dlink are not helping via phone

              • At 2013.09.21 01:20, pugmo said:

                default password is blank and usrname is admin

                • At 2013.12.08 12:53, hsia78 said:

                  I had the same issue while using the CD provided in the original packaging purchased a year ago. No matter what I did, it always said “there is a problem saving your setting”. Can’t get my camera re-connected.

                  So I went to Dlink’s website, and downloaded the “windows setup wizard (zip)” for this camera. Using this new version of setup wizard, the problem is resolved immediately. Now I can use my camera again!

                  • At 2014.03.08 16:39, Milt said:

                    camera connects wirelessly to network using WPA will not connect to different wireless network using 64 bit WEP. connects to both networks using wired connections. Both networks are useable with other wireless devices. what gives?

                    • At 2019.02.12 12:55, James K said:

                      IT WORKED!! Feb 2019. The Darn thing still works. Thanks POST.
                      Scroll over to DCS-932L
                      Check your version… mine was version A
                      Download and
                      BOOM!! Sucker still works. Glad some companies back 10 years ago made things that last.
                      I had same issue of it not saving password with original CD.. and setup of other camera wizards didn’t work either.

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