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·Easy to view and manage your camera DCS-932L from mydlink.com
·Compact design with night vision that lets you view 24/7
·Wireless connectivity
·VGA (640×480) resolution
·4x digital zoom
·Price: $99.99

Here’s a few scenarios for using the D-Link Camera:

·Keeping an eye on the kids: only if they are your kids!
·Checking up on home intruders; and being able to watch what they steal.
·Making sure the babysitter stays out of trouble of if she’s wearing that short skirt you love.
·Making sure that cheese soufflé you’re cooking doesn’t catch fire while you’re downing tequila shots at a bar across town.
·Use as a wingman tool to coax women back to your place by showing them your place.


The device D-Link DCS-932L is a wireless home network surveillance camera, which enables you to watch the goings on in your home – from anywhere in the world – at ANY TIME POSSIBLE.


The wheels of possibility begin churning as I remove the D-Link camera from its box. This small, sleek device allows 24/7 monitoring of what ever is stationed on the other side of its lens. But it gets cooler because we now live……..IN THE FUTURE!!!!! (Note a tons of exclamation points.)

How it works is, you connect the camera up to the Internet via plugging the gadget into your D-Link  router. Navigate to the D-Link website and download the software onto your computer and register an account. Now here’s where it gets cool: with your Smartphone, download the My D-Link Lite app. Once done, you can open the app on your phone and see the camera footage of your home in real-time. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! Well, almost real-time; there’s a second or two delay. But still… WELCOME BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Not only is the footage in color (well, mostly black-and-white) but you can also pick up audio as well. Sounds like the perfect device to install at the Topless Women Pillow Fight Factory. If that’s not your bag, you can access your home footage from anywhere in the world – if you don’t have access to a Smartphone, then simply click onto the Internet to see the footage The only small drawback is, you are only given a one minute time limit with the amount of footage you can watch, before you have to refresh the app. The D-Link app also allows you to take snapshot frame grabs and zoom in and zoom out of the frame, and has night vision as well.

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