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D-Link DKVM Hot Key Menu

  • Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + 1 – Switches to PC 1
  • Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + 2 – Switches to PC 2
  • Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + S – Activates Auto Scan Mode. Each computer will be scanned every 10 seconds. Press the space bar to exit auto scan mode.
  • Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + B – Turns beeper ON/OFF
  • NOTE: The DKVM-2K does not support turning on and off the beeper.


  • Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + M – Resets the mouse and keyboard

Note: The right and left key’s can also be used to toggle through each port one-by-one. To activate this feature press Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock and select either the right or left key.


Troubleshooting Tips

Keyboard: If your keyboard is not functional, not detected, or there is a keyboard error, check the following:

  • Make sure that the keyboard is properly connected to the computer and to the KVM switch. Check that the keyboard is plugged into the correct USB/PS2 keyboard port and not the USB/PS2 mouse port.
  • Verify that the keyboard works when plugged into the computer directly.
  • If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, please contact your motherboard/computers manufacture for information on enabling USB/PS2 support on your system.

Mouse: If your mouse is not functional, not detected or there is a mouse error, check the following:

  • Make sure that the mouse is properly connected to the computer and to the KVM switch. Check that the mouse is plugged into the correct USB/PS2 mouse port and not the USB/PS2 keyboard port.
  • Verify that the mouse works when plugged into the computer directly.
  • Try using a different mouse.
  • If you are having trouble with the mouse movement, try resetting the switch by pressing Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + M.
  • Do not move the mouse or press any mouse buttons when switching from one PC to another.
  • Try resetting the mouse by unplugging it from the DKVM for about 3 seconds and reconnection it.

Video: If the image on your monitor is not clear, check the following:

  • Verify that the video monitor cables are inserted properly.
  • Try lowering the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor.
  • Try using a shorter video cable.
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  • At 2013.06.04 08:01, KVM Solutions said:

    Hey, you posted a quality content and the tips are very helpful while facing connectivity issues in kvm stuff.

    • At 2016.12.07 03:21, Tony said:

      I am experiencing a problem. Hot keys combination have stopped working but I can still switch using the physical button. How do I enable hot keys again?



      • At 2017.01.31 00:37, Rakesh Ghali said:

        bro how u disable hot key plz say me

        • At 2020.10.19 02:40, Johan said:

          Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + caps lock. How do i turn them back no again.

      • At 2017.01.31 00:36, Rakesh Ghali said:

        how to disable hot keys for 2 port usb KVM switch plz help me

        • At 2019.01.07 23:33, Shekhar Sharma said:

          Any Buddy Help me to reset my DLINK KVM 440 8-Port Switch. It display Security Mode Protected type User Name & Password

          • At 2019.01.18 10:34, Michele said:

            Buona sera,
            sapete dirmi qual è la frequenza di aggiornamento del monitor con il sistema operativo Windows 10 più indicata per lo switch? Ogni volta che accendo il pc mi appare la scritta out of range e ci impiego ogni volta circa 10 minuti per ripristinare l’immagine sul monitor collegando e scollegando il connettore.
            Si può risolvere questo problema?


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