Nov 21

Here you can view various system information some of which is static and others dynamic.

LAN Information:
Displays the local network settings of your device.

Device Information:
Displays the workgroup, name, description, current temperature, packet counts, and system uptime.

Volume Information:
Displays the hard drive information, including the disk mode, total size, used and remaining drive space.

D-Link DNS-320 Network Storage Status Information

Hard Drive Info

This section will display a summary of the hard drive(s) currently installed. The summary will include information such as the hard drive manufacturer,model, serial number, temperature, total capacity size, and status. The “Status” of the hard drive will display the health of the hard drive. If your hard drive is healthy, the status will display “Normal”. If your hard drive is not healthy, the status will display “Abnormal”. At any time, if you wish to view the S.M.A.R.T table of the hard drive, you can press the “Normal/Abnormal” button. After pressing the button a table appears with the S.M.A.R.T. data below the table of the Hard Drives installed.

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