Dec 26

D-Link DNS-323/321 ShareCenter Error code list:

Name Value Meaning
EPARTITIONA 1 [format_ide] Create partition with SDA failed.
EFORMATA 17 [format_ide] Format SDA failed.
EPARTITIONB 2 [format_ide] Create partition with SDB failed.
EFORMATB 18 [format_ide] Format SDB failed.
EPARTITIONC 4 [format_ide] Create partition SDC failed.
EFORMATC 20 [format_ide] Format SDC failed.
EPARTITIOND 8 [format_ide] Create partition SDD failed.
EFORMATD 24 [format_ide] Format SDD failed.
ESMBSTOP 100 [diskmgr] Can´t stop samba.
EDISKMGRARG 101 [diskmgr] Received an incorrect argument.
EHDSTOP 102 [diskmgr] stopped service failed.
ESMBRESTART 103 [diskmgr] samba restart failed.
ENFSSTOP 104 [diskmgr] nfs server stop failed.
EFORKCHILD 105 [diskmgr] forked failed.
EUMOUNT 106 [diskmgr] unmount device failed.
ERAIDSTOP 107 [raidstop] Caught error when running raidstop.
ESATAUMOUNT 108 [sataumount] Caught error when running sataumount.
ENORMAL_TO_RAID1 110 [format_ide] can´t format normal to raid.
EFORMAT_DEVICE 111 [format_ide] invalid device name.
EFORMAT_FILESYS 112 [format_ide] invalid file system.
EFORMAT_FLAG 113 [format_ide] indicated an invalid format mode.
EHIDDENA 114 [format_ide] Create hidden partition failed. (sda4)
EHIDDENB 115 [format_ide] Create hidden partition failed. (sdb4)
EHIDDENC 116 [format_ide] Create hidden partition failed. (sdc4)
EHIDDEND 117 [format_ide] Create hidden partition failed. (sdd4)
EDISKA_EXIST 118 [format_ide] device not found. (sda)
EDISKB_EXIST 119 [format_ide] device not found. (sdb)
ESERIAL_A 120 [format_ide] serial number was not matched. (sda)
ESERIAL_B 121 [format_ide] serial number was not matched. (sdb)
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