Mar 10

100’s of D-link Powerline network adapters, please view this product in attached pictures, the advantage of this product is that you do not need to put through internet wires (network cables) around your rooms , it will use your existing power line around your home. If you plug one unit to any of your power outlet in one place ( such as basement or downstairs) and connect it to your router through ethernet cable (this will connect your internet from your router to the powerline around your home and turn on all power outlets around your home with internet capability), then you will be able to receive internet signal at any outlet any where at your home with another unit. Unlike wireless internet connection, there is no internet signal strength reduction with this technology.


Product Features:

1. Wall-to-Wall Home Networking.
2. Create a Network Using Your Home’s Existing Electronical Wiring.
3. Expand Your Network without Running New Wires.
4. Enable Web Access to Computers, Game Consoles and HD Media Players.

Product Description:

D-link Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter is an ideal solution for connecting computers, HD media players, game consoles and network attached storage devices to your home network. Simply connect one adapter to your router and plug it into an existing power outlet to turn every other power outlet in your home into a possible network connection-just plug in additional adapters as needed.


D-link Powerline HD Ethernet adapter is ideal for connecting an Ethernet-enabled digital media device such as a Tivo or Slingbox to your network and the internet. D-link Powerline HD Ethernet Adapters also enable you to connect gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , or Nintento, Wii to the internet. To top it off, Qos support helps prioritize your data enabling smooth video streaming and lag-free gaming.


Connect multiple devices in the farthest corners of your home by attaching a switch or wireless access point to a D-link Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Plus D-link Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter implement 3DES encryption for securing your connection to help keep your data safe from intruders.

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