Sep 29

Thank you for purchasing the DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender. Follow the easy steps in this guide to properly set up your extender.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS

1.Find an available outlet near your wireless router. Plug the DCH-M225 in and wait until the LED is blinking amber.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS1

2.Press the WPS button on your wireless router.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS2

3.Within one minute, press the WPS button on the D-Link DCH-M225. The LED will start to blink.When the LED turns solid green, this indicates that the DCH-M225 is securely connected to your wireless router or access point.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS3

4.You can now unplug and move the DCH-M225 to a location between your wireless router and the area that you need
wireless coverage.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS4

5.From your wireless device go to the Wireless Utility to display the available wireless networks.

Connect to Your Router Using WPS5

The SSID on the DCH-M225 will automatically be assigned: (Your Router’s SSID)-EXT

The Wi-Fi password for the DCH-M225 will be the same as your router. Repeat step 5 to connect additional devices to
the D-Link DCH-M225.

6.Your device is now connected to the DCH-M225 and can connect to your wireless router. If you want to change your
network settings, password, etc., follow the steps under Configure the DCH-M225 Using a Web Browser to connect and
configure the DCH-M225. To connect additional devices, repeat step 5.

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