Mar 07

We regret to inform you that we can not support Western Digital’s new Desktop disk drives with Advanced Formatting Technology for use in our ShareCenter NAS devices(DNS-321)

WD does not propose (and will not support) the use ANY of the Desktop disk drives in NAS devices, which consists of the new drives using the advanced structure Technology. WD has no intention of rectifying this subject for NAS support.

According to WD, even if we experienced been to solve the problems brought on by their advanced structure engineering although in the regular mode, these drives may nicely nevertheless trigger problems when utilized in RAID configurations (especially with RAID 5).

This subject is not unique to D-Link nor the ShareCenter product collection but instead relates to WD’s approach transferring forward.

WD will only ensure the compatibility of the company disk drives with NAS devices, as they are not integrated with their advanced structure Technology.

As a result, we will NOT support using any WD disk generate with advanced structure Technology.

Thank you for the understanding. Please do not hesitate to make contact with our celebration straight with any issues or concerns.

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