Mar 10

After firmware version 1.12, the DPR-1260 is defaulted to DHCP unless the unit was previously configured for a Static IP Address.

DHCP means the router is dynamicly assigning an IP Address to the DPR-1260. There are a few ways to access the device in this configuration.

Option 1:
You can invoke the unit with its UPnP icon in My Network Places. If you do not see a UPnP icon for the DPR-1260 in your Network Places, you may need to click the Show UPnP Icons In Networked Devices under the Network Tasks window in the upper left of the My Network Places window.


Option 2:
If your router provides a DHCP client list, you could confirm it´s IP Address by referencing it´s MAC Address and locating the IP Address that the router is assigning to the unit.
Note: Not all routers support this option.


Option 3:
The DPR-1260 also has a “Friendly” name. This can be used to gain access to the DPR-1260 when it´s IP Address is not known.
Note: the “Friendly” name the DPR-1260 uses depends on the version of the frimware it has loaded.


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