Aug 01

Step 1: If you have not done so, plug the ethernet cable from the LAN port on your DSM-G600 into an available LAN port on your router or PC.

Step 2: If your router has DHCP, the D-Link DSM-G600 should obtain an IP Address from it automatically.

Note: If this is a direct connection to a computer, you will need to statically assign an IP address on your computer to allow you to connect to the DSM-G600. The default IP address for the DSM-G600 is

Step 3: Locate the Easy Search Utility on your CD or download it from Run the Easy Search Utility.

Step 4: After you have opened the Easy Search Utility, your DSM-G600 should be discovered automatically. If it is not discovered, press the refresh button on the utility.


Step 5: Select the DSM-G600 from the Adapter list.

Step 6: In the LAN section, make sure that DHCP Client is set to disabled. This will allow your DSM-G600 to keep the same IP address all the time.

Step 7: Click Apply to confirm that DHCP is selected.

Step 8: Wait until the power light is solid and the LAN light is flickering. At that time, click Configuration.

Step 9: The DSM-G600 login prompt should come up. Type in admin for the username and then click Config.

Note: If the login does not come up but a large Format button does, you will need to format the internal drive before proceeding to the DSM-G600 configuration.

Step 10: You can now proceed with using the wizard. This will guide you through setting up a password, wireless connection and adding the DSM-G600 to your workgroup.

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