Feb 04

Step 1: Locate the hole on the back of the print server above the word RESET.


Step 2: Using a paper clip, press and hold the Reset button for about 5 seconds and then release.

Step 3: After the print server reboots it will be reset to the factory default settings.

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  • At 2011.10.03 21:54, Pete said:

    I have a DP-300U print server. How do I reset it to factory default setting? I tried to use PS Admin. But it keeps on asking me for a password, which I don’t have.

    • At 2013.07.28 17:22, (=TR=)CoYoTeLoCo said:

      The password asked by the program is try “SYSxxxx”, where xxxx means the last four digits of the MAC address of your server. (Example: if your MAC address were “12 34 56 A8 FE”, then your password would be SYSA8FE.)

    • At 2011.10.08 06:24, Pondera said:

      D-Link DP-300U Rev. H/W Ax, Bx has no reset button. Is it possible to reset the device without knowing the old password?
      If you try via PS Admin (v3.0 & v2.1) the utility program requires a password that you do not know.

      • At 2012.12.16 08:43, rikerl said:

        Where is the reset button on D-Link DP-300U?
        I simply cant find it?

        • At 2012.12.19 22:32, kapakmerah said:

          DP-300u dont have reset button, I have same problem forgot password for 10 unit and no garanted anymore. Only one way to reset, if CPU have battery CMOS, DP300U maybe have something to do to reset to factory default, eg. make a short on circuit on mainboard. Is that possible? Please aswers mr. dlink !!!!

          • At 2014.04.21 04:32, kapakmerah said:


            Try that scripts in browser, but first change that “” with your DP-300U IP Address, use PSAdmin utility or Trendnet utility to know it.

            • At 2018.02.27 23:09, Corey said:

              Hey. I know this comment is almost 5 years old, but it just saved my butt. Worked perfectly on an old DP-301P+ whose password was long since forgotten.

              So, if you happen to read this many years later, thanks!

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