Apr 10

To reset the D-Link DCH-S150 device:

Step 1. Locate the Reset button on the side of the device.

Step 2. With the device plugged in, press and hold the Reset button until the status LED turns red (for about 10 seconds).

Warning: When you reset your DCH-S150, it will change your settings back to the factory default settings. You will loose your current configuration and be ready to start over.

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  • At 2017.08.04 22:08, na said:

    to set up the DCH-150 it’s nightmare!!!

    after a whole afternoon trying I still can’t set it up!

    what a waste of time and money!!!!

    never buy this product!

    • At 2017.08.04 22:11, na said:


      worst product ever! I was never able to set it up!
      after hours of trying I gave up!


      • At 2018.12.15 18:52, Max said:

        Been trying and trying to set up , to reboot , to reset doesnt work . Was this product ever meant to work What did i just buy

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