Nov 25

Step 1: Log into the ShareCenter Pro

Step 2: Click Backup,then Volume Snapshot

Step 3: Click on Create

Step 4:Fill in required information and Click apply

  • Folder Click the field to show the available folders. Click a folder to see the sub-folders. Double-click a folder to select it.
  • Count  Use the drop-down menu to select the number of snapshots for this job.
  • Schedule  Use the drop-down menu to select manually schedule the job, or schedule to take the snapshot on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.Time Use the drop-down menus to select hour and minute of the day.
  • Weekday  Use the drop-down menu to select the day of-áthe week. Date Use the drop-down menu to select

Step 5: Select the Volume and Click Take Snapshot

Step 6: Click on Yes to start the Job

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