Nov 07

First ShareCenter IP address is (The Server)

Second ShareCenter IP address is (The Server Backup)

Step 1: On your Server ShareCenter (The unit you want to back up), login to the Web GUI Go toAdvanced>Remote Backup then Select Source type in a password and click Apply button


Step 2: Under the Source Share path, type in a name for your backup location, this can be anything, so for this example lets just use BACKUP Click Browse and locate the directory you wish to backup. If it’s the entire Volume_1 click OK and Apply button.


Step 3: Click the Start Remote Server button to turn on the RYSNC Sharing. Share paths will show up at the bottom.


Step 4: Now on your Server Backup Unit (The unit your backing up your files to) Login to WEB GUI. SelectDestination, enter the IP address of the Server DNS-343 ( in the source IP field. Enter thepassword you type in your Source box earlier.


Step 5: Click Browse next to the Save To path (as shown above) and select the directory that you would like to backup to.

Step 6: If you do not want to overwrite existing files make sure to click the Keep the Existing files checkbox then click Apply.


Step 7: Once you have clicked Apply your Rsync Client should connect to your Source Server, If it has not connected please hit the refresh button on your browser.

Step 8: At the bottom will be a Destination list, put a check-box next to the folders you want to back up. These should be the same folders/labels as you created on your Source . Once you have placed a check-box in the folder list, click the Backup button. Your backup should now be downloading from you server box.


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