Aug 09

This article guide you to set D-Link DPG-2100 Wireless Presentation Gateway to computer.

Step 1: Open the Presentation Gateway Utility. Go to Start, then All Programs. Select D-Link DPG-2100 and Presentation Gateway.

Note: It is recommended that you close your current wireless utility. The DPG-2100 utility will control the wireless connection to the DPG-2100 from this point.

The main page will display wireless information such as status, speed, and signal strength. The projector Information section will display the status, resolution, and color quality.

Step 2: Click on the Display Options button to adjust the resolution of your monitor for better viewing of your desktop.


Note: Both your computer monitor and the Presentation display will adjust to the same screen resolution.

Step 3: To have a secure connection to your Projector, click on the Settings button and activate Enter the Projector Access Code Number.


Step 4: Click the on the Connect/Disconnect button to initiate the Presentation.


Step 5: A window will pop up requesting the access code number, which you will find in the display of the Presentation projector or monitor. Click OK.


You are now ready to start your Presentation.

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