Aug 12

This article teaches you how to create and configure a custom service on D-Link firewall DFL-210,DFL-800,DFL-1600.

Step 1: Open the web browser and type the IP address of the D-Link router into address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2: Click on the plus sign next to Objects and then select Sevices.


Step 3: Click on Add, and then select the type of service (TCP/UDP Service, ICMP Service, IP Protocol Service, Service Group) from the dropdown menu.


Step 4: Configure the custom service as followed:

Name: enter a name as desired.
Type: select an appropriate type for this service (TCP, UDP, TCP/UDP).
Source: leave as is (By default 0-65535).
Destination: enter a port for this custom service.
Click on OK.


Step 5: Click the Configuration tab and select Save and Activate from the dropdown menu. Click on OK to save and activate the settings.


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