Mar 29

Note: If your unit is running any firmware before YOU WILL NEED TO UPGRADE IN SEQUENCE till you get to After this firmware you don´t need to upgrade in sequence and can jump to the latest firmware.

Step 1: Access the unit through the Management port and log into your SAN through the GUI.

DSN Series1

Step 2: Click on the Firmware Image Info tab and click on View > Firmware Upgrade.

DSN Series2

Step 3: Click OK to continue with the firmware upgrade.

DSN Series3

Step 4: Select the location of the firmware on your computer and click Open

DSN Series4

Step 5: The firmware upgrade process will begin.

Step 6: Click OK to restart your unit.

Step 7: Click OK and the Management Console will exit.

DSN Series5

Note: The D-Link SAN will take a few minutes for it to fully boot. Any firmware after will have a new User Interface. Also, more user friendly to navigate through

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  • At 2022.02.18 09:03, Pixel said:

    Thank you very lot; everything is clear and easy to understand, and everything worked fine for me. Thank you one again.

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