Aug 25

To use BitTorrent on your DNS-323, Firmware 1.05 and D-Link Easy Search Utility version is required.

Step 1: Run the Easy Search utility software version

Step 2: Click on BitTorrent. The D-Link Easy Search Utility will install BitTorrent and configure the BitTorrent download folder on your DNS-323 hard drive. Once BitTorrent has been installed and configured, you will see an new volume on your DNS-323 in the utility labeled BT.


Step 3: Log into your DNS-323 Downloads section.


Step 4: Select the BitTorrent tab.


Step 5: Enter a torrent file URL and click Add, or select Add Torrent From File and click Browse to locate your Torrent file. Click Add when finished.


Step 6: Click Start on your added Torrents to begin downloading.


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