Jul 27

1.What external Hard Disk formats does the Boxee Box support?

The Boxee Box supports the following external Hard Disk formats:

● Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 (Linux)
● FAT16, FAT32 (Windows)
● NTFS (Windows)
● HFS+ (OSX)

2.Can I connect two external hard drives to the Boxee Box?

No, Only one USB powered external hard drive will work. If more are desired, a powered USB hub or externally powered hard drive would be needed.

3.Can the Boxee Box work while offline?

Yes, but the user must log in while connected to the Internet the first time the Boxee Box is used.

4.Can I use an HDMI conversion cable to connect the Boxee Box to my TV?

Unfortunately no. The Boxee Box does not support any HDMI conversion cables.

5.Can I customize my Boxee Box screen saver to display my pictures?

Unfortunately No. At this time there is no support for screen saver customization.

6.Does the Boxee Box cache album covers?

Yes, the Boxee Box has a cache size of 512MB.

7.What can I watch on the Boxee?

Watch what you want – the Boxee Box makes it easy to choose the TV shows you want to watch, and most importantly, the ones you want to pay for. There is currently over 40,000 TV episodes from your favorite networks instantly available. Get instant access to a huge library of streaming movies from across the Internet with the Boxee Box, you get Hollywood hits, access to Indies and critically acclaimed films from like MUBI and Openfilm.

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