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1.Do I need router or access point to use the Boxee box?

You can connect your Boxee Box to your Internet connection either wired or wirelessly. You must have a network router or access point supporting Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet.

2.During the initial setup of my Boxee Box, why is there no display or video signal detected?

Boxee Box will only work with an HDMI compatible television which supports screen resolutions of either PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080i or 1080p. Other resolutions will not work.

● Check that your HDMI is connected properly.
● Restart the Boxee Box.

3.Why did my screen turn black after upgrading the firmware on my Boxee Box?

The latest Boxee firmware has made some changes that have affected the use of some DVI to HDMI Converters.

Boxee is aware of this issue and has come up with a firmware fix.

Download the Boxee Box firmware at http://dl.boxee.tv/version/dlink.dsm380/ The downloaded file will be named boxee.iso, and that name must be maintained.

Copy the boxee.iso file to a USB thumb/flash drive. Make sure to properly eject the flash drive after copying the file.
Power down the Boxee Box.

Power up the Boxee Box by pressing and holding the power button for 6-10 seconds. Upon release, the Box will boot with the logo turned orange.

After the Recovery Menu appears, connect your thumb drive to the Boxee Box, wait 2 seconds, then select Upgrade from USB from the menu, and follow on-screen instructions.

4.Why is my Boxee Box remote control behaving strangely?

This may be caused by interference (from other wireless devices or other Boxee Boxes in the vicinity). We recommend that you pair the remote control with the Boxee Box.

5.I forgot my password to Boxee, What do I do?

If you forget your password for Boxee, click here: Forgot my Boxee Password

After following the onscreen instructions an email will be sent to your email with instructions on how to change your password.

If you do not receive the email, be sure to check your spam filter.

6.Are there monthly fees to use the Boxee?

Boxee does not charge you any monthly fees. Boxee channels offer you high-quality entertainment for free. However, some channels do require subscriptions such as MLBTV.

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  • At 2012.07.25 07:12, Wilydily said:

    Why doesn’t my Boxee Box Change resolution for some movies and just go black
    Also when i try to resume HD movies it will also go black and not respond??

    • At 2017.05.31 13:13, Dolores Alcantara said:

      Why does the Boxee Box remains turned on after the TV set has been turned off and becomes very hot.

      • At 2017.05.31 13:14, Dolores Alcantara said:

        Why does the Boxee Box remains turned on and becomes very hot?

        • At 2022.06.29 05:40, rinus vd velde said:

          die doet het niet .

          ik heb een boxee box dsm-380 /sn:QL034C4000621 maar zo in eens geen internet meer wat ik ook doe geen wifi connection of met kabel als de kabel in doe branden delapjes wel, dus hij zet hem wel maar doet niets.
          heb je een nieuw dsm-380 firmware voor mijn alvast bedankt.

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