Jan 26

The D-Link DCS-930L camera debuted at the end of 2010 and is an entry into a new market for D-Link, which has its North American offices in Fountain Valley, CA. The camera can connect to your network wirelessly or using a standard ethernet cord and the picture can be viewed on an iPhone or Android app.


These are the contents of the DCS-930L Box. The device retails for around $80.

The box says installation is easy, but it might not be easy for everyone. Installation seems to require a Windows PC, which means if you’re a Mac owner setup will require borrowing someone else’s computer. And though setting up the camera to use a wired connection was easy, it wasn’t easy to do the same thing for wireless during initial testing.


This is D-Link’s DCS-930L in the standard vertical position.


The DCS-930L can be swiveled into the horizontal position, but the Web-based controls and the iPhone app don’t seem to allow you to rotate the picture if you rotate the camera.


When up and running, the D-Link DCS-930L camera is effective. A tap on your iPhone and you can bring up the live picture of any of the cameras connected to your account. Check back at OC Unwired for a full review in the coming week, but if you have questions or just want to be alerted when a full review is done.

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