Sep 24

By default, D-Link devices use WPA2 (AES) and will connect if your client supports it. If your iOS device detects that your D-Link router, access point, or range extender is using a mixed security mode (WPA/WPA2), the warning message is displayed even though you are connected using WPA2 (AES) security.


Some models will receive firmware upgrades to allow you to select WPA2-Personal (or WPA3) instead of using a WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Note that older clients that do not support WPA2 (AES) will not be able to connect to your WiFi network.


The latest version of firmware for the models below have fixed this issue:


  • DAP-1620 (Rev B)
  • DAP-1820
  • DAP-1755
  • DAP-1955
  • DAP-X1870
  • DIR-1260
  • DIR-1750
  • DIR-1950
  • DIR-2150
  • DIR-2680
  • DIR-L1900
  • DIR-X1560
  • DIR-X1870
  • DIR-X4860
  • DIR-X5460


Future firmware fixes will be available for the D-Link DIR-3060 and DIR-X1860.

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  • At 2022.05.03 00:35, Frojo said:

    I just bought a DIR-X1860 (3 May 2022) can you tell me when you will have firmware fix for this router?

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